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Angadhaan oru twistu...

          On Aug 2, 11 am, when I was carelessly playing angry birds thinking that I've to kill time till 19th on which Easwari college opens for freshers, a phone call came from SSN saying that I got EEE there(Management kota. I attended the interview and I was not selected. My name was not there in the first and second list. Thats why I chose Easwari. But due to second medical list many dropped out off SSN and vacancy arised) and whether or not I'm willing to accept it. I said no (EEE ? Am I insane ? :-P). Then After an hour at 12 noon, they called my mom and told that they said it wrong and I got a seat in mechanical department. "wat????", she became nervous, upset, and a bit hopeful. We went straight to SSN office near my home and asked doubts regarding  disenrolling me from Easwari. They told the SSN college that we'll be there by 3 pm, so they told them to keep an admission form ready. But we came home only by 1 pm due to traffic jam. I was sure that we can't go to SSN anymore. Then I told my cousin, ex-SSN-ite, Charanya Kannan (Arthi) about it.

"Hey Arthi, enakku SSN kedachiduchu"
"oh, suppperr daa, congrats"
"Illa problem angadhaan. Easwari-la we paid fees and everything, so,,,,,"
"Ei, poda loosu, adhu ponaa pogudhu"

          The words that come out from Charanya will always guide us correctly, I believed in her words, "poda loosu" :-) (Charanya Kannan, please forgive me :-P). But there wasn't time. Appo, my mom too consulted her and some other friends and decided to try for SSN. I told her, "Amma, its not about whether Easwari or SSN is better, its about lack of time we've got. Come on, lets watch 3 idiots". She dramamtically took her mobile with shivering hands and thought about calling SSN and refusing their offer. Then she said, "Vishnu, innikku indha phone call aen unakku varanum ?" 

          I showed her the txt of Hammad Easion as if I'm born to compromise and give that SSN seat to another boy/girl, "Look here amma, its wonderful to get the answers of your prayers but, it is even more wonderful when God converts you into an answer of someone's prayer"

"Ippa enna solla vara ?", she asked in an inexplicable tone.
 "Butterfly effect ma, it is destined that the automan should get 100 rupees today"
 "oh, so why not you too benefit from this ? Now answer me. Don't be an idiot"

"Yea!!", I thought. What if this is an opportunity ? what if something bigger than easwari is waiting for me ? what if I'm not an idiot ? I was convinced by my mom and prepared for a final attempt. Time 1.15 pm, we picked up a taxi and swooooshed @ 90 kmph in OMR. My dad was yet to be convinced.

"Perumaalaa paaththu indha opportunity-a kuduthirukkaar", my mom told him over phone.
"Kudukkaradhaa irundhaa perumaal modhalliyae kuduppaarae ?"
"Last minute varaikkum try pannalaamae ?"
"Idhudhaan last minute Hema, purinjiko. Certificates-laam Easwari-la irukku. Avan thagaraar pannaa namma Vishnu future-ae poidum"
"Illa Arthi-ta kaettaen, apdilaam aagaadhaam"
I spoke to him. "Appa, ippodhaikku I'm not getting the certificates back. Naan SSN-la oru one week time-ku permission kaettu apram certificates kudukkalaam. Ippodhaikku seat-ah confirm pannidalaam"
"seri, paathukko. Badhram enna ?"
"Ang, seri pa"

          We reached there in forty minutes by 3 pm correctly and all was well. Got permission from SSN principal, told to Easwari principal about this, got the certificates, submitted at SSN, and confirmed my seat there yesterday (03/08/11). College started. I'm loving it.

          Now thinking what would've happened to this idiot if I'd stayed home and watched 3 idiots, and decided to attend the college on 19th ? (No offence on Easwari, but we all know which is better). Mom, I love you !! I love you a lot !! Charanya Kannan, thank you for enlightening this idiot...


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