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VV Memoriezzz 1

          10th standard model I exam....Biology-la I got 23, one of the failures. So Nirmala ma'am called me. 

"Vishnu, what is this ma ?"
"ma'am, no ma'am, that...."
"what mark ma this is ? botany 11, zoology 12, is this wat u call as mark ?"
"no ma'am but.."
"U remember how u were in sixth standard ? U got 95 in biology exam"
"yes ma'am, I remember"
"what happened to u then ? whatever distractions u have now, u must ignore them all ok ? In this age like this only......."
"ma'am ma'am !! No ma'am, I'm not distracted"

Nirmala ma'am was about to cry...She was trying not to shed any tear.

"Vishnu, please ma....please get a pass mark in board exam, don't be the only failure ma, I never even dreamt of this moment..U in such a pathetic condition...."

Enakkum konjam feelings-ah dhaan irundhichu.

"Yes ma'am, I'll pass"
"Good, please ma, study well"
"Sure ma'am, thank u ma'am", and I left.

          I went straight to the class, determining not to go near any distractions..An inner fire was growing inside me that kept on telling me that I should get state first, and then.....

"MAMA !!", someone shouted.

It was distraction number 1, Sakthi Vigneshwar !! My best friend ever, how can I ignore
him ? So i thought, "Vaazhvo saavo, pass-o fail-o, ellaam ivan koodathaan"...But....

"Mama !! Biology-la naan pass aayittaen !!", he said.
"WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!", I was shocked."Dei, epdidaa ?" 
"Amaanda, idho paaru", yea, payabulla pass aayittaan.
"oh, ok da, good da, congrats"
"Nee evlo daa ?", he asked.
"Botany-la 23, zoology-la evlo ?", he asked.
I replied, "Dai !! Moththamae 23 dhaandaa" :-)


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