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VV Memoriezzz 2

          10th standard, 2nd term. For a week, Nirmala ma'am and Sylvia ma'am took turns to teach biology for our 10 "C" section. That day, It was Nirlama ma'am's turn.

"Ok ma. Now lets continue the topic, "Human reproduction"

          "YES !", we whispered to ourselves. For the first time in 10th standard class hours, we, the beck-benchers, decided to listen to what ma'am was going to teach. We wanted to "formally"(:-P) cross-check and confirm what we guessed and understood logically, after the enlightenment process we underwent suddenly in a fortnight, when we were studying in eighth standard.

"Machaan naan sonnadhu dhaan correct. Paappomaa ?"
"Illa apdilaam illa nee s**tha moodu"

"Silence", She told the class."Now children. I don't to hear even a single giggle from you people. Is it clear ma ?"
We giggled.

She ignored us and started to teach.

"Machaan silence da", I told. "Kulla Kaththirikkaa enna solraa-nnu kaeppom"
Sakthi Vigneshwar interrupted, "Mama, sariyillaiyae nee..."
"Nee romba ozhungu ! Podaa b***u...."

"Vishnu and Sakthi Vigneshwar !! Stand up", Nirmala ma'am saw us talking. "I said stand up"
We did. Now we had a complete view of her.

"Vishnu, I never expected you to be a back-bencher ma. I'm sorry to say this, you are becoming spoilt day by day ma, I'm telling you"
I was silent.
"Now you do have a choice. If you really respect your parents, come out of it. Money didn't come to them from sky ok?", she yelled. "Sakthi Vigneshwar ! I thought you are a bright student ma (I giggled silently). Now what is there in it to laugh huh, this is just zoology
ok ?"
"No ma'am.....sorry", he told.
"Sit down both of you...And ok ma, now the ......", she continued.

"Phew", we sat. Beckham Vignesh was looking us and ironically kept his face as if he was pleading to ma'am for mercy. He tried to imitate us.

"Dei Victoria !!", Sakthi called him. "Adanga maattiyaa nee ?"
"Dei ******(she is in fb now. So censored), mudiyaadhudaa", he snapped back. 
"Machi", I called Shandi Easwar. "Konjam Victoria-va gavaniyaen"
"vaadaa vaadaa", Shandi started (Beckham maatnaan). "Enna beckham ? Pocket Pudhusaa irukku ? Apdi irukka koodaadhey ?"
"Machaan naan avan kitta paesuraen"
"Nee modhalla inga paesudaa", CHARRAKKKK !! Shandi tore his shirt pocket (It happens often but this time.....) and threw it out through the window :-D.

"Dei !! Ayoyo", Beckham shouted. But Nirmala ma'am didn't mind him.
"Ma'am", he called softly. Hmmm, ma'am didn't hear.
Myself and Sakthi were having a great time seeing this havoc. We even forgot to listen to ma'am. 
"Semma daa Shandi", I told Sakthi.
Meanwhile poor Beckham was looking out through the window, searching for his pocket.

"And now, this topic, menstru....", fortunately or unfortunately, Nirmala ma'am saw him at that time. "What Vignesh Murugan ? Gazing out huh ?", she told. Beckham sat still. "STAND UP !!", she shouted.
"Ma'am. No ma'am my pock.."
"What ? How dare you look out while I'm inside ? Guts !!"
"No ma'am. Ma'am my pocket..."
"What ?", she asked in a stubborn tone. "Some thing fell from your pocket ?"
He replied blankly. "No ma'am, my pocket fell from my shirt !!"

          Nirmala ma'am smiled, the whole class laughed, and we back-benchers clapped hands while shouting, "VICTORIAAAAA !!"

          That was an incident which I and Sakthi Vigneshwar (And of course, Victoria too :-P) never ever forget in our life :-)


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