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"What a ragging sir ji !" - Session 1

In the title i wrote "1" coz, well, u know the reason :-P

          Morning boarded the bus. Senior annas were very sweet and friendly. They told me a lot about SSN. Evening boarded the same bus. But appo, suddenly, they were entirely opposite. I don't know what happened to them. Okkaara vechu......ayoyoyoyoyo :-O

          At Kotturpuram all the staff members exited the bus. Then the senior akkas told me to go and sit near the senior annas. Naanum nalla pulla maadhiri ponaen. They asked my name, class, kulam, gothram everything. One guy asked me whether I know Tamil. I said yes, I know. He told me to write a kavidhai about SSN and show it to him tomorrow. I saw that anna working as a volunteer in the inauguration of saaral Tamil website. So I thought that this anna desperately need a kavidhai to publish in the website. "WOW !!", I thought. Next day after kotturpuram, I gave him a 12 line poem about SSN. Appodhaan oru twist...

"Ae !! Machaan kavidha vandhuruchu kavidha vandhuruchu", he said with excitement and called a senior akka who was sitting in the front, "Ae ****, first year yaaraavadhu munnaadi okkaandhutrukkaangalaa ?"

"Ang, oru ponnu irukkudaa", she replied.
He turned towards me, "Poi avala kootittu vaa"
"Anna please venaam-naa"
"Ada, kootittu vaadaa"

"Hmmm", I helplessly went to the girl.
"Excuse me"
"yes ??"
"Its party time !! Anna koopadraanga"
"uh ?", she hesitated. Chummaa iruppaangalaa akkas ? Parcel panni backside anupchittaanga.

"Idha thaanae naanum sonnaen ?", I tried to change the topic.
One Anna said to her, "Hey hey just for fun ok ? Ok, introduce yourself to him. C'mon, hey ?? Dai, nee pannudaa"
"Innaaadhu ??"
"Ippa panna poriyaa illaiyaa ?"
"okay okay, um, uh, hullo, I'm Vishnu from Vana Vani, erm, mechanical engineering department, and...."
"Podhum, ippa nee sollu"
"I'm ******, from *** department"
"Oh, nice meeting you sishter..."
"Dai, kaettaangalaa idha ippo ?", he jovially threatened me.
"Illanaa oru sapety-ku.."
"Seri, ippo ivadhaan SSN, enga kavidhaiya padi"
"what ??, I've never did this before !! I'm a nallavan :-P. "Halo boss idhu konjam..."

"Nee padikkara, avlodhaan. Excuse me girl, now he is going to read a Tamil poem about you"
"Oh, Excuse me Vishnu ?", the girl called me.
"what ?"
"I don't know Tamil"
"Uhum, romba mukkiyam ippo", I thought. "Anna please na venaam naa"
"Dai, ippo solla poriyaa illiayaa ?"

I decided to tell. I know that being a coward there won't help me at any cost.
"Now u r personified as SSN...", I started.
"Now u r SSN", one anna corrected.
"ok watever, u r ssn, and...........", I read the poem. "With the help of our seniors, we should utilize SSN in both academic and co-curricular activies, how much ever we can...."
"Dai, ippo enna solla vara ? Engala mama-ndria ?"
"Idhukkudhaan sonnaen, andha ponna SSN aakkavaendaam-nu"
"Oh, apdiyaa ? Seri, appo indha ponnu-kitta propose pannu"
"wat ?? Anna !!! Kaalaila nallaadhaanae paesineenga ? Ippa aen indha kola veri ?", I tried to speak dramatically and appear to be bold.
"Dai, pannudaa"
"Anna enakku epdi pannanum-nu theriyaadhu naa"
"ok, just compliment her. Say something nice about her. How is she looking ?"

"Hmmm, maatnaen", I thought. I told her, "Hey sorry ok ? This is chumma for fun ok ? I've no other way ok ?"
"Dei dei, idhellaam apram sollikodaa"
"ok naa, idho start panraen"

          I wondered what to say and where to start. Starting trouble. Suddenly I reminded of a letter written by me long back in my school days, complimenting my friend...

"Ah yes, I like your little streak of red kumkumam on your forehead....", my stateboard memorizing ability
took charge :-P

"I like your hairstyle, I like your ovoid eyes, I like your nose shape, I like your braises and the alignment of teeth, your jawline is perfect, your necklace is super, and, and.....Anna idhukku meala venaam, podhum-naa please ?"
Those annas and akkas laughed.
"Vera enna seyyalaam ?"
"Dheivamae !! Podhum please..Naan eranganum"
"Seri ok, enna machaan podhumaa ? vitralaamaa ?"
"Podhumdaa machaan"

"Happaadaa ! Podhumaa ? Thanks na", I delighted with joy, but anga marupadiyum shock...
"Halo halo, dei...", he called. " 'innikku' podhum !!"

 Aahaa, kelambittaangayyaa, kelambittaanga :-P

P.S. :- Though it appears humourous to read (or may be mokkai to many), I realised that those annas and akkas were helping me. Thats is, apart from their entertainment, their motive is to eradicate shyness and hesitation from us and make them speak to the opposite sex freely. Because, in an institution like SSN, team work really works, and there are many situations and events where boys and girls should work together, organise and co-ordinate. So, by training us to speak to the opposite gender, they are really hepling us to finish the work given to us successfully, and avoiding misunderstanding, u know what I mean. A final year friend told this to me, and he can be trusted. Now, laptops are mandatory for freshers, and I would say or suggest, ragging should also become mandatory :-P, until the seniors know their limits, and ragging here, is not literal "ragging", but a harsh personality development lesson...

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