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"What a ragging sir ji !" - Session 2

It seems Friday is an auspicious day for ragging :-P

          I was peacefully sleeping in the bus, dreaming as usual...Suddenly, I was woken up by a sweet voice. In fact, it seemed everyone in the bus were awaken by it. A girl was singing loudly near the first row. It was like carnatic music (mapama paa, sari sari gamapaappaa aaaaa, this is carnatic music, isn't it ?) 

          I tried to close my eyes and sleep, but I couldn't....Trisha - mamapaapaa - ragasiya kanavaa - sarisari gamagama - jill jill - padanisa gamapappaaaaaa...GODDAMIT !!! I couldn't sleep. I woke up... 

That time two of my friends and that carnatic girl were getting ragged behind.
"Dei, ippa nee ivala epdiyaaavadhu paesa veckara"
"Anna....", they hesitated.
"Dei Machaan, ivanga seri pattu vara maattaanga daa. Vishnu-va koopdu", one anna said.

"Hmmm, machi good idea da...Dei...Dei unnathaan..Halo Vishnu..Ya ya ungalathaan. Konjam pinnaadi vaanga"
"Maatnaen", I thought. "Vaa thalaiva vaa", one anna greeted sarcastically. The previous first year guy was made to sit behind in a corner, and I took his place, right royally infact ;-)

          One anna sat near me and began to explain the situation,"Dei Vishnu, indha ponnukitta enna kaettaalum paesa maataenguraa..Needhaan epdiyaavadhu paesa veckanum"
"Anna neenga solliyae ava vaaya thorackala..Idhula naan epdeee...", I paused. "Adhaan neraya vaatti enna rag panteengalla ? Ippo aennaa koopadreenga ?" 

He suddenly replied, "Idho iva dhaan kooptaa !!"

"What ??", I was shocked. "Padubaavi !!"
"Edho onnaa tuition-la padicheengalaamae ? Solraa iva ? Apdiyaa ?"
"Ennadhu ??", I told him. "Idhu enna pudhu kadhaiyaa irukku ? Aemmaa unna naan paathadhey illa"
"Vishnu enna theriyiliyaa ?"
"Sathiyamaa therla. Who are you ?"
"Naandhaan *******"
"What ?", I was shocked again. "You ? ******* ? Oh you also SSN ah ?"
"Dai dai dai !!", interrupted one anna. "Ippa dhaan ivala paathadhey illa-nu sonna ?"
"Illa na sathiyamaa ivala naan paathadhilla !"
"Dai ennadaa kozhappara ?"

          Hmmm, they didn't believe me at all. I know her, she's the inspiration of the whole Sri Ganesh Academy (The tuition centre were I went in 11th and 12th). Topper in every subject, front bencher all the time, a very silent, blah blah....

          But I didn't know her, seriously !..I've seen her many times, but now I couldn't recognise her face. A lot of changes. But one thing, I remembered a flashback. Once my mom said... 

"Vishnu, if ******* can get centum why can't you ?"
"I'm Vishnu by the way, not ******* !"
"You're a human by the way, and so is she !"
"Amma please mokka podaadheenga"
"Adhukkilla Vishnu, don't think I'm downplaying you...Just have her as your role model and study, like you have Charanya Kannan as your role model now...blah blah blah..."
"ok ok", I said impatiently. "12th-la I'll beat her ! MARK MY WORDS MAA, MARK MY WORDS !!" 

"Phew", I thanked God for not making my mom to mark those words !! :-P She performed far better than me in 12th..But I did became elated, for another factor, "Yippee, Ganesh Academy's top star and me, me mememe, in the same college !!"

"Dei, avana ezhuppudaa !", suddenly my shoulders were shaken by a pair of arms."Unna enna panna sonnaa enna pannikittu irukka ?"
"Oh umm uh", I came back to the situation quickly, "Hmmm, enna pannanum ?"

They repeated again what has to be done.

"Oh seri na", I told them and turned towards her. "Hi *******, umm, are u really ******* ?"
"Dei mokka ??"
"Irungannaa ! Ippa dhaanae start pannirukkaen ?"
"Vishnu nee enna paathadhey illayaa ?", she asked.
"Dei paesa vechuttaandaa !!"
 I didn't mind him. I continued...
"Illa paathurukkaen, but, you have changed a lot, I mean..."
"Engileesu ?"
"Ada irungannaa...Neraya changes theriyudhu unkitta"
"Illiyae...Munna pinna enna paathadhey illayaa ?", she asked.
"Ennadaa pachaiyaa kaekkaraa ?", one anna asked.

"Illa adhu vandhu...", I didn't know what to tell at all. After tenth somehow I became a good boy, I don't know how ! To be frank, in those two years I've never sight adichified ! But I didn't want my dignity to be tampered, and the whole boys' dignity ;-)

"Oh unna sight adichadhilla, un pakkathula oru ponnu okkaandhuruppaalae three fourth jeans pottukittu ? ********* . Avala dhaan adichirukkaen"
"Dei", that anna interrupted. "Paesinadhu podhum, ippo ivala describe pannu"
"What ? Anna adhaan last time andha ponna describe pannaella ?", I countered him.
"Adhu andha ponnu, naan solradhu indha ponnu, nallaa romantic-ah describe pannu", he mokkied. 

"Hmmm, Cycle-la vandhavanukku evlo periya chancu !!", I thought. "Ok na I'll describe", and I started to describe her.

"Your eyes are very cute (Thats my signature start ;-)), apram neraya pimpils irukku, use fair & lovely ok ? Then that single hair hanging out is very good, apram...achucho ! Ennamaa adhu kaadhula ?"
Her left ear was hurt a bit.
"Adhu onnum illa, chinna vayasula car-la idichukittaen"
"Oh so saddd :-(", I felt for her. "Andha car-ku onnum aagaliyae ?"
Three annas laughed and told, "Gethu da" and two annas told, "Dei aendaa mokka pottu saavadikkira ?"

          That girl's reaction was not satisfactory to the seniors. So they decided to bring my first ragging mate, and they did.

"Ok *****, now both u and ******* are sincerely loving Vishnu. You two don't want to sacrifice him for the other. He's a precious asset for u and he's a millionaire too ! Now you too are going to fight for Vishnu. Come on start don't waste our time", one anna explained the situation to them.

          My ragging mate first hesitated for a moment, but later she started to be in form, and the argument went on for nearly two minutes. I never thought I would get caught in between, but suddenly...

"Vishnu modhalla ennadhaan pannaan, so avan enakkudhaan"
"Apdiyaa ? Enga Vishnu-vaiyae kaettuduvom !", the carnatic girl suddenly replied.
"Enna daa, nee enna solra", one anna asked.
"Hmmm, naan enna naa solradhu, enakku rendu perum ok"
"Paarraa !! Idha anga sollu"
"ok", I told him and turned towards them. "Inga paarunga ***** and *******, naan oru suggestion sollavaa ? Enakku rendu paerum venum. Nee left eye naa nee right eye ! Paathiyaa same length same power...Ungalukku onnum aagida koodaadhey-nu specs-ah laam vechu eyes-ah cover pannirukkaen..."
The two girls laughed.

"Seri innikku podhum", one anna told. The two girls were sent back. Later one anna asked, "Enna Vishnu girls-laam epdi irukkaanga ?"
"Over peter na, ennamo Dubai-la porandha maadhiri...."
"Avanga apdidhaan, seri friendly-ah paesaraangalaa ?"
"Ang yes na, they are good"
"Bus-la ?"
"Ya na, all are moving very friendly"
"Number vaangittiyaa ?"
"Ang vaangittaen naa"
"Vevaramaana aaludaa nee !", he winked his eyes.
"Phew", I thought. "Seniors-laam enakku friends aayittaanga, here after no ragging !"
"Seri na stop vandhuduchu, naan kelambaraen"
"ok da bye"
          I started to walk out of the bus, and then suddenly he called me and said, "Naalaikku idha vida super performance kudukkanunm enna ?"


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