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My Views about Jayalalitha's recent controversial actions...

          Minimum bus fare hiked from Rs.2 to Rs.3 and maximum from Rs.12 to Rs.14 for travelling to the next bus-stop...Aavin processed milk price increased from Rs.17.75 to Rs.24... Meanwhile the Diesel price is also shooting up like never before with even Ms. Jayalalitha having no hands on it ...
          "Whats going on in TN ?", this is this the most common voice that I hear from many common men. In this article, I want to share my opinion about Ms. Jayalalitha's actions, and most importantly, since I found that many people are blindly blaming Jayalalitha for her "of course it ain't fair" actions, I also want to share the reasons behind it, the need for such necessary actions and point the people who has to be blamed for it..This is neither an article that blindly supports Ms. Jayalalitha nor its written by an AIADMK follower. Unless you take it as an unbiased critic point of view, you are wasting your time...
          Now lets see some of the points put forward by people who are affected by this price hike, and side by side let me give the valid reasons for me not blaming Jayalalitha for her action or condemning her :
Bus fare price hike :
1. "OMG ! Rs.30 for just three km in AC volvo bus ? Y this kolaveri ?"
Ans : We people think that TN bus service is the best in India (True, it is, and thanks to the DMK Mayor(Ex) M.Subramaniam and M.K.Stalin)...But many people are not aware of the fact that the same department is one of the most financially pathetic department in India, with loss of about Rs.4,000 crore per year (which somewhat equals the revenue from Kasimedu fishing port per year !)...While former chief minister Mr.M.Karunanidhi was proud about the freebies he provided to the people and calculated that it would help him in the assembly election-2011, the Transport minister at that time, Mr.K.N.Nehru openly said the above fact in the legislative assembly session, and he further announced unnecessarily and unwantedly that he would provide some more concession to TN transport officers and workers...You know the reason behind it ! The case is like that of Great Britain once upon a time, when Beatles band had more money than even the government treasury ! 
2. "Ok, but why such a hike in price ? Why not increase slowly, say 50 paise per year or so ? That will be better, won't that ?
Ans : Mr. Karunanidhi, you evaded this question man !...When K.N.Nehru said that the transport department is running at loss and the workers couldn't get the proper salary for months, why didn't you take necessary measures to correct that ? Mr. Cho gave the same suggestion as that in the question....Yes, its right. But you know, I suppose the current bus fare is the starting rate ! And we can expect the bus fare to be increased every year or two henceforth, say 50 paise/year ! This is the economic condition of transport department ! Now whom do you blame ? "Both" may even be said in some cases, but definitely not "her" ALONE in all cases !
Aavin processed milk price hike :
3. "Hey this is it ! I'm fed up with you ! This isn't the way you celebrate your massive victory in assembly elections !"
Ans : The price hike of milk, with it being one of the most essential commodity in the state, would've definitely shocked the common men...But ??? The TN treasury is in such a poor condition...
4. "This is a lame excuse buddy...Every government, for every dropped project, would recite the same old lines ! Atleast Karunanidhi didn't increase the price !"
Ans :  You should be a Chennaite buddy, we are always been taken care very well by the DMK Government at all times ! Whether or not this is debatable, it is the fact ! My observation infers that DMK will give importance to urbanisation while AIADMK concentrates more towards rural development (the performance of DMK and AIADMK Government respectively in the years [1967-71,1996-2001,2006-11] and 2001-06 are taken into consideration)...During the electric power crisis most of us were provided 24 hr electricity(1 hr power cut was not the case always), but in rural areas, unofficially upto 8 hrs power cut was there in effect(?) ...Remember Jayalalitha imposed 1 hr power cut in Chennai too as soon as she came to power...
5. Chuck it, now what do you want to convey from it ?"
Ans : While Mr. Karunanidhi keeps the rural development at stake and concentrate a bit more in urbanising Chennai city, Jayalalitha gives equal importance(almost) to both ! (IT boom in 2004 and completion of Veeranam project in 2003 are the best examples)...While Karunanidhi ignored the rapid melting of treasury due to rise in petrol price that caused heavy loss in transportation department (Bus fare was not increased at that time, which should've been done) and worried about the DMK-UPA alliance and M.P. seat for his beloved daughter Kanimozhi, Ms.Jayalalitha, with having no support from the Central Government, is now trying to bring back the treasury to normal more quickly, with no other way(The same thing happpens every time, even in her 2001-06 tenure, spending almost the entire 5 years to bring the economic condition of the state back to normal, and Mr.M.K. ruins the entire execution after that)...Blame CG for blinking what to do to stop the rapid hike in petrol and tyre prices...
6. "Whatever, she is surely ruining our life style !"
Ans : Oh yea ? What Mr. Karunanidhi provided was unwanted luxury, and letting his men providing 2G "service" to all of us ! :-P But indeed his Government that laid 'n' number of roads and constructed many fly-overs in Chennai and other cities definitely deserve a Hats-off !
Miscellaneous :
7. "Coming to this library thing...."
Ans : Yes, I feel it openly shows her personal vengeance against the DMK Government and its head....Grow up ma'am ! We did not support you for doing such silly things, what we expected was a female Narendra Modi in TN...I strongly condemn this action !
8. "She is very arrogant ! Sort of a dictator ! She never take advice or consult any IAS/IPS officers ! The desicions she take has to be implemented without asking any questions !"
Ans : This is the way Jayalalitha is misunderstood by most of us (I too was, once upon a time)...But the fact is, she is the only CM after Kamaraj(Not even MGR !) who listens to suggestions and opinions told by anyone (Yes, anyone ! You are not forbidden to go and meet her in Poes Garden, honestly !) If the suggestion is implementable, she definitely considers it. Every month she conduct a meeting with the MLA's and asks questions about their respective fields an enquires about the statuses. The honest and straight forward civil servants of India who had interactions with Ms.Jaylalitha are very surprised by the way she quickly grasp the points and pros-cons, and offers opinions and suggestions instantly. She will have every details in her finger tips, and is very flexible to the people who offer her ideas and opinions. Hard to believe, but true ! M.K. is not of her kind, but his image, as far as execution is concerned, is always high among us...
9. Whatever you say man, we were peaceful before May 13th, but now we don't know what Jayalalitha's further plans are !"
Ans : As I said before, I don't deny that Jayalalitha should be blamed for some actions, but my point is, she should not be blamed for everything she does ! According to me, she's one of the able administrators TN has ever got, as far as the state development is concerned...
10. Ok, then why didn't she hike the prices before the local body elections ? This shows that she's also concerned about votes and not about the state's development..After all she is a politician !
Ans : Of course she is a politician, she too is concerned about vote banks...She may not be perfect or Ms.Clean and all ! She too may or may not be corrupted to some extent(The case is under jurisdiction. So judging her economical cleanliness in mass media is like downplaying the stature of the court, and is legally punishable). Then why should we have to expect her to hike the prices before the local body elections when we know that she's "after all" a politician ? She is also like other politicians in this matter... Having high hopes on her in solving all problems may not be encouraged, but blaming her for every negative things that are happening around us after the change in Government can't be encouraged either :-) Time has the answers...
          This price hike is inevitable, sorry to say but, it is practically inevitable...We have no other way but to co-operate with Jayalalitha and her measures(in this case, not for all ), if at all we are concerned about Tamil Nadu's overall development...
          Now since Tamil Nadu is well acclimatized to a success formula called freebie culture, it would be 'trendy' if I provide you with three freebies along with this article. Of course not a commodity ! I ain't M.K. or J.J. !

Freebie 1 : "Okay, as you wish, let Jayalalitha be an able administrator. Look at how the able administrator is handling the current electricity crisis ! Your thought doesn't seem unbiased bro. Think again !"

Ans : The situation will become worse this summer, so worse that we will start thinking the current crisis is nothing, unless Ms. Jaylalitha think about buying electricity from Gujarat. And its intensity depends on how much electricity we get from Gujarat and how smart we are in using it wise. Its all co-operation of people in a democratic nation that keep the government alive ! And yea, how can we forget Koodankulam ? Thats the match point for TNEB !

Freebie 2 : "How dare you include Koodamkulam project under freebie section ?"

Ans : This article is about the price hike, maybe I can later write a separate article for Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Project, as including them here will make the article very lengthy. Last week the electricity crisis became extremely worse, especially in Coimbatore where the power cut was 8 hrs/day ! Now they have brought it to 4 hrs/day by increasing the power cut timing in Chennai to 2 hrs/day. There are rumours that Ms.Jayalalitha is intentionally doing that to give people no other choice but to support Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Project. Whether or not its logical, and if its true, again time has the answers to the test of administrating/decision making ability that Ms. Jayalalitha is undertaking now. But its after all a rumour for now, and let the concerned imagination be dormant for a while until we get to know the truth :-)

Freebie 3 : "You talk a lot, you finished your schooling before the samacheer kalvi confusion. You don't know about how the students are under pressure now, with the commencement of secondary examinations only a month ahead ! 

Ans: Again a deep topic :-) I opposed the samacheer kalvi system when Mr.Karunanidhi brought it into effect. The purpose of bringing a 'samacheer' system was very divine. The idea was for a very good cause. I welcome samacheer kalvi but the problem is I didn't recognize any 'samacheer' in that system ! There are two ways in bringing two products to an equal level of quality.

1. Raise the quality of low quality product to match with that of the high quality product.
2. Bring down the quality of high quality product to match with that of low quality product.

A good education system must grow through long term plans, and immediate measures just won't help it out. What Mr. Karunandhi could've done is increase the quality of Stateboard syllabus to match with that of matriculation (Of course through long term planning, I am not giving any superior status to the matriculation syllabus, but the fact, which some won't accept so easily, is that CBSE>>>Matriculation>>>Stateboard, until secondary education and 'marks' is out of the equation here), but what he did was framing a poor pattern of syllabus in the name of 'hybrid' by merging the syllabus of Matriculation and Stateboard. It was not 'samacheer' kalvi but equally low(?) kalvi. Ok, he committed a blunder, past is past, but what Ms. Jayalalitha did later was the most unnecessary act a CM could ever execute. I would've supported her in abolishing this system brought to us by Mr. Karunanidhi, but it was not at all the right time to do so ! The academic year had already started and it would be insane to interfere in it, and that's exactly what she did.

No political thought will strike the students if they see the picture of a sun in their school book. By covering them intentionally, it became the hot topic among students and teachers. Well then I can relate each and every picture to politics ! Ms. Jayalalitha unnecessarily publicized the measure of Mr.Karunanidhi, which she should've avoided. Rather, she should've let the system continue for an year or two and then withdraw the execution of the previous Government. Now the performance of secondary students are at stake ! Ms. Jayalalitha has earned a bad name amidst many parents from whom henceforth its really hard for her to gain support and prove that she's worth continuing as CM in the next tenure too.


Ma'am this is for you. We expected a lot from you, we hoped positive actions from you, and thats why we gave a deadly blow to DMK and gave you a chance to lead us to prosperity. And we request you to act accordingly and concentrate more in enhancing our state in all aspects. The people of Tamil Nadu hope that your further actions doesn't make their 'request' to become 'demand'. Still you've got ample time to bring up the state to the level of development in Gujarat as far as infrastructure and economy is concerned, to be a trend-setter, to be the best CM in the present time. Your future actions might even make people give you a second successive chance to be the CM of TN. So ma'am, on behalf of each and every student in Tamil Nadu, I will wish you good luck in your mission to develop our state, if you decide to have one.

Picture Courtesy : Vikatan E-Magazine


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