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"What a ragging sir ji !" - Session 5

"Dai Vishnu ! Inga vaa da", I was called by a senior as soon as I got in bus 30 on a saturday.

"Sollunga na", I responded politely.
"Enna da ipdi pesura ?"
"Eppa na ?"
"We thought you'd use simple words like loosu, panni, indha maadhiri. No Vishnu, thats bad", he told.

          I understood. They were talking about the incident that happened the previous day  (Narrated in "What a Ragging Sir ji - Session 4"). They were good boys, after all !

"Hmm, indha CBSE pasangale ipdidhaan", I thought, and replied,"But you only told her to scold her na"
"Yes, we told", he seemed very uncomfortable to talk about this, but he couldn't let it go. "Now look, coming to the point, you should learn how to behave infront of girls Vishnu"
"What ??", it was an uchakatta avamaanam for me ! Dealing-ah pathi yaar kitta pesureenga ! I was offended.

"I know my limits na !", I replied a bit harshly. "Its just that I thought you expected such words from me"
"Enna sonna ?? dei !", one anna raised his voice.
"You know !", I told him in double quotes. "ITS RAGGING !"
"ok ok leave it, calm down", on anna interfered and comforted us. "Whomever mistake it is, she has to be asked sorry from our side".
"I apologized to her yesterday itself na"
"But we have to. Call her back", he replied calmly.

"Hmmm, ok na", I came to the front and went near her.
"Hey *******"
"Yea Vishnu ?", she asked while plucking out her ear-phones.
"The seniors want you to come back"
"Oh no not again !", she sighed.
"No *******, they're not gonna rag you, just come back"
"Uhh", she hesitated.
"Oh come on, trust me"
"Hmmm, okay !", she said and stood up. We went to the seniors.

          The bus had crossed Kelambakkam at that time and was slowly picking up speed after the usual traffic jam. She was looking good in a simple green chudi. So was my mood as the seniors forgot to demand for lays that day. We freshers completely forgot about that ! :-P

"Hey did you feel bad about what happened here on friday ?", one anna asked.
"Oh no, not at all"
"Hmmm, its just for fun ok ? Don't get hurt for it. We're sorry", he truly confessed. "We know, what Vishnu did was wrong but..."
"Naa !", I interrupted.
"Oh no no, not at all", she told them. She looked uncomfortable, for some reason.
"Ok *******, you can go", I said.

"Dai !", one anna called suddenly. "Enna nee paatu decide panra ? Enna over advantage eduthukriyaa ?". He sounded serious, and other annas started staring at me. I just didn't expect this. So I decided to maintain a senior-junior relationship again.

"Illa na adhaan sorry kaetaachulla, adhaan...", I dragged.
He ignored me and told her, "Do something, make us laugh, and go"
"What ?", she asked, and she too stared at me. I promised her that they won't rag her but, but, hey how do I know ?

"Machaan onnu panlaam da", one anna said brightly. "ok *******, go straight to the driver, speak a sentence in Telegu and come back"
"No !", she resisted. "Not the driver, please !"
"Enna please, just go and tell. Only one sentence, no more no less"
"Na please..."
"Perhaps Vishnu will accompany you !"
"Ayyayo anna don't bring me in", I said. "I don't know Telegu"
"Oh do you care ?", he replied while winking his eyes. "I know you were waiting to go with her"
"Unga character-ah purinjikkave mudila na ! One moment you are very soft, but ippo..."
"Ippo ?", he asked. It seemed he was eagerly waiting to hear what I say.
"Illa na thideernu rag panreenga"
"Heh heh", he laughed. "Chummaa da idhellaam. Just do it, you don't know us still"
I was very confused. Ivanga nalllavangalaa, illa kettavagalaaa ?

"ok ok, don't waste time", another anna told. "I'll be watching you both"
"Na your name ?", I asked him.
"Aendaa kaekkara ?"
"Illa chummaa therinjukka dhaan", I asked without any intention.
"You'll come to know"
"Anna your name ?", I asked another.
"You'll come to know"
"Dai ! Don't act over smart", one anna said. "Seekram, Sholinganallur vara pogudhu, go to the driver fast"
"Ok Mr.You'll come to know !", I snappped and turned around.

"Over-ah poraanla ?", I heard an anna whispering to others. "Ivanukku irukku"
"Enakku thevadhaan", I told to myself. "Ok *******, lets go"
She was still staring at me.
"What ?"
"Nah nothing, some one said 'trust me' and I'm searching for him"
"Oh, tell me when you get him", I said.
She continued to stare at me for some 5 seconds. Ah, what eyes ! :-P
"I'm sorry, I didn't expect that", I told.
She didn't reply anything and started walking towards the driver.
"Dei Vishnu, poda !", one anna pushed me.

          While thinking of her eyes and walking awkwardly towards the driver, I saw the driver driving the bus amidst three other buses, one infront, one behind and another at the side. "Do we have to disturb him now ?", this thought came to my mind even though already her eyes were occupying it. We went near him.

She hesitated first,
"Vishnu you talk first"
"Teach me then", I replied.
She again stared at me, somewhat posito-negatively.
"I don't know Telegu. So you speak first", I told calmly.
Meanwhile the driver saw us standing near him. "Enna pa venum ?", he asked.
"Uhh", she couldn't say anything, she was just silent"
I saw those annas eagerly waiting for her to talk.
"Come on talk something", I told her.
"Uhh, driver anna", she finally spoke. "Baa vunnaaraa ?"
The driver looked at me.
"Err, bassu unnudhaa ?", I translated with what I interpreted from the syllables.

          He didn't reply. He should've had a feeling that we're teasing him. It was my time now. What shall I say ? o_O I blinked blankly.
"Sollu pa", the driver asked. His voice was not usual this time.
"Illa na, adhu vandhu, raa raa sarasakku raa raa...", I told and we hurriedly came back. The seniors were told what happened there. Some smiled.

"Hmmm, goooood", one anna said. "Now describe him !"
I felt something tingling in my stomach after hearing that. "Now what's she gonna tell about me ? ooooh", I thought. Thats natural ! :-P
"What to say ?", she was almost shivering. "Anna please, enough"
"Enna da unna paathu ipdi bayapadraa ?", one anna asked me. I gave him an 'eeeee' grin.
"Just describe him and go", he insisted again.
"Hmmm", she looked at me for a second. I stared back, and she lowered her head, and again she looked up, and I continued to stare, and she again saw her shoes with an "err", and again she looked at me, and I smiled, and...

"Yov !!", one anna nearly shouted in an interrogative tone. "Enna ya nadakkudhu inga ? Come on fast"
"Come on, tell whatever you wanna tell and go !", I told her.
"Pch", she sighed for a moment and started to talk. "Hmmm, hairstyle ok, not bad, can improve though..."
"Mmmm, gooooood", one anna encouraged :-P "Continue"
"And his dress sense is very poor..."
I wasn't hurt. I've heard this a lot from my mom. Though there is a difference, I had a "Seri henceforth we'll concentrate more on the negative things she say" feeling at that time...

"And he's looking very formal"
"Captain Vijayakanth !", one anna yelled.
"What do you say about it Mr. You'll come to know ?", another anna winked his eyes.
"Adadaa !", I thought."Looks like I've to hold my tongue sometimes"
"Seri podhum", one anna said. "Romba mokkaiyaa pogudhu. You go"
"Ayyo appa naanu ?", I asked innocently.
"Nee enga pora ? Ippadhaane Thiruvanmiyur-ae vandhurukku ? Enna avasaram", one anna grinned.
******* went back to her seat. Before going I saw her giving at me the same old stare. Her disappointment hadn't subsided still.

"Vishnu ? Vishnu ?", one anna called.
"Enna na ?"
"Avala sight adichadhu podhum, ippo poi un aala kootittu vaa"
"Na enough for today na", I said without giving any expression.
"Not yet Mr. You'll come to know !", he snapped back.
"Na please, I'm sorry"
"Hmmm, adhu", he replied victoriously. "Romba over-ah aada koodaadhu enna ?"
"Seringa senior", I sarcastically bended my back.
"Machaan ivana....", he started again.
"Vidu vidu, monday paathukkalaam", another anna convinced him. "Dei nee poda"
"Hmmm, seri na", I told him. Well, what else can I say ? I really have to mind my tongue. But I felt very safe and comfortable with those annas, and thats why I was like that !

          I went back to my seat and tried to close my eyes again. Nah, we had crossed Thiruvanmiyur, and it seemed pointless to nod off thereafter. So I was sitting idle for the next 15 minutes until the bus came to a halt in our stop. While getting down, the driver gave me a nasty stare. Damn, that was the 8th stare on that day alone !

"Hey", I called her after we both got down the bus. "I'm really err, sorry"
"Lets walk", she said plainly.
"And today...", I started to speak
"Hope its the last time", she cut me in.
"Hey I'm really really sorry yaar"
"Ok ok", she smiled. "Its ok Vishnu"
"Thanks", I said with relief. "Bye then"

           And we parted. I started walking towards my home. I again felt the same tingling feeling in my stomach.
"Now what does that mean ? What if my dear girl is...", my heart started to beat faster as that thought came to my mind while I was walking slowly, very slowly, wondering deeply about her everything...
And then my mobile vibrated. My granny :-)
"Engadaa irukka, seekram saadham saapda vaa", she said in a "payabulla enga poiruppaan" tone.
"Oww !", I felt the tingle again. "Idho vandhuttaen paati"
"My, dear, hunger...", I thought as I started rushing to my home.

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