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"What a ragging sir ji !" - Session 6

          I was late, I was rushing to bus 30 on monday. The date was 3/10/11 (The next day was a day which I'd never ever forget in my life).  Thankfully I didn't end up missing the bus. The driver had started it when I got in. I greeted my ragging mate and went near her.

"Vishnu", the seniors called. "Ulla vandhavudane aarambichuttiye"
I smiled helplessly at them and started moving towards my seat. They grinned at me and called behind.
"Vaa ya vaa ya"

          Now, at this point, in 'What a Ragging Sir ji !', let me introduce you to the "Bus Treat". Yes, there is one customary thing in SSN called the "Bus Treat". We freshers have to discuss, invest, organise and give treat to our bus seniors in a decent restaurent. I believe it will eventually build a good relationship between us and them. I'll tell you about how, it was taken initiative, planned, organised, briefly later.

"Hi na", I went to them.
"Enna da place laam decide panniyaachaa ?
"Yea na, near citi center"
"Oh, enna restaurent ?"
I told.
"Hmmm, mavane place mattum local-ah irundhuchu...."
"Cha cha its good only na, well, good for me", I replied.
"Hmmm, seri da", he was convinced. "Innikku endha ponna koopdalaam ?"

          I didn't expect this. I thought I'd go back to my seat after updating them.
"Na I didn't tell the time of treat still...", I tried to change the topic.
"Adhellaam you tell over phone at night", he told.
I didn't give up.
"Na bore adichu pochu na", I told Vadiveluvishly.
"seri seri, who's volunteering from girls' side ?", he asked.
I told my ragging mate's name.
"Oh un aal dhaanaa ?", one anna cheered."Avala pinnaadi koopdu"

          I knew why he wanted me to call her back. For ragging obviously. But even at that time, even though I knew the seniors a bit well, I still slightly hoped that they would leave us after they get the bus treat status from her. But to ensure...

"Edhukku na ?", I asked innocently.
But he didn't respond.
"Hmmm", I stood up and went near her. She was searching for the ear-phones in her bag.
"Hey !"
"Um, yea ?"
I showed my index finger towards the seniors..
"Podaang !", she looked as if she's planning to inject anthrax inside me. "As usual they told 'aal' and you are coming to me huh ?"
"Yes !"
"Dei !"
"Come back", I said shortly and walked back. I didn't try to explain things to her. If I don't do what the seniors say, they will 'nicely' take care of my life at SSN, and if I do those, I'll be getting offended by those girls ! "Enna vaazhka da idhu :-( ", I sighed.

"Hey ***** you know one thing ?", one senior started the conversation. "We never say your name. Everytime we say 'aal' he's calling you"
She looked at me. Its really awkward when one is being stared negatively by girls often.
"Aen da ?", she asked in a frustrated tone.
"Because you're the girl whom they expect me to call back", I replied truthfully.
"Dai, nadikkaadha", one senior tried to start things around it. I ignored him. I wanted to get back to my seat.
"And everytime we rag him with you, his face brightens ! Isn't it Vishnu ?"
"Na apdilaam illa na", I told as usual."Seekram rag pannunga".
"Ppa ! Enna avasaram paaru !"
"Not for that !", I replied. "I don't want to scold her too !"
"Ok ok, forget it", he said without looking at my eyes. He still seemed disturbed about that incident. He became silent.

"Now, have you seen DT ?", another anna asked.
"No na not yet", I lied.
"Never mind", he continued."You should be knowing some things about it. Ippo you are Vikram and your aal is Nila. I want you two to have a conversation"
"What's so funny about it ?", I thought.
That anna now added, "And Vishnu, your acting should be like that of Vikram"
And this was quite a shock. And I was not in a mood to be ragged too :-P
"Anna I'm very bad at acting, enakku nadikkalaam varaadhu, adhuvum Vikram alavukku, no no...Enakkum acting-kum romba dhooram, act-laam panna sollaadheenga...."
"Vishnu, dei, dei, niruthu da..."
I didn't mind him, I just went on. "You know I'll never act to anyone, adhuvum enakku indha, what is that ? Ya that presence of mind, adhu romba kammi". I kept on talking, all for killing the damn time, making the seniors feel bored about my err, 'performance', returning to my seat and have a nice nap (I didn't have that in recent times, you know that). But, man proposes, God.....

"Adhellaam kedaiyaadhu, ippa perusaa dialogue vittiyae, adhey maadhiri ava kitta vidu paakkalaam"
"Pochu da, a ragging session again", I thought. I knew she'd definitely be furious at me, especially when she planned to hear some music and I brought her here to watch me standing helplessly amidst the seniors and doing some monkey business.

"Na, why on a monday ?", I asked a senior.
"Why not on a monday ?", he replied.
"ok, Why not without me ?"
"ok, Why not kneel down ?". He won.

"Annaaa, please today venaam", I pleaded."Naan thoonganum"
"Ennadaa idhu chinna pulla maadhiri ?"
"Illa na I've to go to our restaurent today, so I need some rest"
"Restaurent ah ? Edhukku da ?"
"Chumma oru visit kuduthu, food items pathi suggestions kuduthu ..."
"Adhellaam oru mayirum kudukka venaam, ippa naanga sonnadha vechu performance mattum kudu"

          Yea, I managed to kill some time successfully. The bus had crossed Sholinganallur. But I couldn't avoid another ragging session. Meanwhile my ragging mate had been silently observing my clown works with the seniors. Her thought about me, thankfully, didn't seem negative.

"Hmmm, start panlaamaa ?", I asked her.
"You start", she replied calmly.
"You start"
"Illa you start"
"You start"
"Yov !! Enna ya romance pannitrukkeenga ? Dai Vishnu, you are wasting our time"
Well, indeed that was my intention :-P What else ?
"Ok na ok na, I'll start", I said.

          All seniors sat on the edge of their seats and came closer to us.
"Hey Nila Nila, veethukku epdhi pora ?", I said as I swinged my arms and less like a kid. Just imagine how it'll be :-P
The seniors laughed. Surprisingly, she too smiled a bit, then tried to hide it, and eventually failed.
"Naan nadandhu poren", she grinned now.
"Veethukku onnaa polaamaa ?", I asked.
"Uh..", she hesitated what to reply for that.
"Vishnu, nee nadathu nadathu", one anna winked his eyes.
"Na, Nila na, my daughter !"
"Aamaa da, aamaa"
"Naan en veetukku poren, nee un veetukku po", she replied.
"Enna da ipdi soltaa ?",one anna asked.
"Idhu thamizh panbaaduyaa ! En ponnu-la ?", I replied him. Slowly without our knowledge, myself and the seniors were getting closer and closer.

"Seri mokka pottadhu podhum",one anna told. "Ippa its *****'s turn, nee konja neram silent-ah iru"
"Silent ah ? Kashtam na", I told. He ignored me.
"Ok *****, you are his aal, but you have not described him yet !", one anna told her. "Enna ketta pazhakkam idhu ?"
"Ayyo describe ah ?", she felt shy. Pinna ? Its me after all :-P
"Ada ur lover dhaane ? Chumma describe pannu"
"Hey *****", I called her."This is nothing. Before they say anything more, just describe me and go"
"Adhaan un aal soltaan-la ? Describe pannu"
"Hmmm, ok na not bad", she said.
"Not bad na ?"
"Err, paakka nalllavan maadhiri irukkaan, pazham maadhiri"
The seniors laughed.
"Enna da ipdi soltaa ?"
"Ada ! Pazham na ! Sweet-ah iruppaen-nu solla varaa"
"Apdiyaa ***** ?"
"Ayyayo apdi illa na !", she told innocently.
The seniors laughed to the core.

"Good da ! Engaloda sendhu neeyum rag panra ?", we got more closer. I grinned.
"Seri, we called you back to know about the bus treat status", one anna told her.
"What ?", she was shocked. "Adha first-ae kaettaa solliruppenla ?"
"Chumma, for time pass"
She looked at me.
"Oh you thought Vishnu called you for fun ?"
She didn't say anything.
"Vishnu apdi panna maattaan, nalla paiyan...Seri any news about bus treat ? Any girls not giving money ?"
"Illa na many have already accepted to give money, no problem", she replied.
"Good, thats what we wanted to know. You can go. Vishnu neeyum kelambu"
"Ok na. I'll call you after dinner and inform about the venue, time and all"
"Hmmm, ok da"

          We both came back to our seats. I had ample time to have a nap, but I didn't feel like sleeping. She was sitting opposite to me. I called her.
"Yea ?"
"No kovam on me know ?"
"Hey cha cha, not at all", she said. "I understood that you didn't call me wantedly"
I smiled.
"What you didn't sleep huh ? You generally do"
"Nah, didn't feel like. You didn't listen to music huh ? You were about to, before"
"Didn't feel like"
"Hmmm, I'm sorry if I had caused you any discomfort today"
"Dei vidra, adhellaam onnum illa", she smiled.

          We became silent. Just every now and then we talked simply about general things apart from bus treat and ragging. Half an hour later, the bus came to a halt at our stop. We got down.

"Ragging eppadhaan mudiyumo", she sighed.
"I've seen worse than this", I told her.
"Hmmm, but today you were really err, funny !", she grinned.
"I've done worse than this"
"Shabba romba pannaadha, its difficult only for girls"
"Yov you don't know much ya, I've done many things which you can't even imagine..."
"Seri seri.."
"You know ? I was made to crawl one day !"
"What ? crawl ah ? Haha", she laughed. "Oh my God, I'm seriously laughing, haha !"

          Yea, it happened one day. That should've been the 'session 6' but I'm not willing to share them with you people as its very explicit and thats the worst session I ever had. An IIM student who's my seniors' senior (Friend of them, ex-SSNite, slided over to IIM later) came to our college that day to visit his teachers. In the evening he came in our bus. His ragging was more intense, more intense than the most intense ragging that can happen in SSN. Initially he asked me to do simple things like describing a girl, proposing a girl, asking a girl to marry, etc. only, but later on....Seri venaam, leave it !

"Siri siri, nallaa siri", I too grinned at her.
"Crawling ! Thats really...Oh my god, paavam ya nee", she laughed again.
"More intense, more closer we become", I replied with a smile.
"Hmmm, hey I forgot to ask one thing. Bus treat enga ?"
"Tandoori Tadakka", I replied. "Near our SSN Office"
"Oh, what a name. Restaurent ok va ?"
"Not bad. Decent-ah irukku"
"Ok ok, call me later and tell the other details"
"Hmmm, seri ok, bye then", she said.
"Yea, bye. See you tomorrow"

          And I started walking towards my home. "Hmmm, sweet voice. Can go places ! Oh my God have to go and pay a visit to the restaurent, EG work, FOC UT, tomorrow chemistry lab, have to finish 'Estimation of Chloride', lot to do", I thought as I walked. But chemistry lab didn't function the next day, infact, the whole first year classes, for a reason...

          I came home happily, eagerly expecting a happy, memorable, cheerful "Bus Treat" the next day. The next day came......

P.S: "The Bus Treat", a parallel series to "What a Ragging Sir ji !", coming soon...

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