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Vishnu's new book available on Amazon

Vishnu's new book is now on sale. புதியவன் வாசிக்கப்படக் காத்திருக்கிறான். மின்பதிப்பு அமேசானில் கிடைக்கும்.

VV Memoriezzz 3

8th standard. The first time from when I forgot to miss my hometown and began to get acclimatized to a city life. In short, I was turning into a complete chennaite. Aeroplanes didn't impress me then; The four lane roads weren't highways any more; Getting up at 10:00 am became very common; The hypnotizing horn of an electric train due to Doppler effect sounded very usual rather than turning out to be a lovely piece of music; MTC bus conductors' "otha mela eri vaada" didn't seem to be offensive; And oh yea, I didn't feel like holding my breath near the holy river of Cooum, thats something.

          I remember a conversation with Selva Kumar sir when I was in sixth...A convo between I-am-the-boss-at-the-ground type of a person and a timid, 'new born' chennaite,

"Ok boys come on come on, one lap jogging one lap jogging, rotate the ground..."
While we were err, 'rotating' the ground, I was thunderstruck by seeing one thing…