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Vishnu's new book available on Amazon

Vishnu's new book is now on sale. புதியவன் வாசிக்கப்படக் காத்திருக்கிறான். மின்பதிப்பு அமேசானில் கிடைக்கும்.

The Delhi rape victim's friend has finally spoken !

Picture courtesy: zeenews.com
To all those chauvinists who speak as if they were present during the incident and state that it's the girl's mistake to have gone out at night, all your blind words are shattered by this one man's interview. Take some time to read the link given at the end and find who and who did mistakes:

People were afraid to help us: Delhi gang-rape victim's friend


1. The bus had tinted windows and curtains. Was it the girl's duty to have checked whether the Supreme Court's orders are implemented and supervised properly ?
2. Was it the girl's mistake to have her raped by those men ?
3. Do you think that no lives were around the bus and the two were alone after they were thrown out ? They were without clothes and bleeding, and there were people walking and driving, and no one came to help ! What everyone did was slowed down their cars and motorbikes and rickshaws, caught a glimpse of them, and just carried on with their own work ! Is it the girl's mistake to not have got a single person to help her and made his friend beg for help for more than 25 minutes ?
3. The Public Call Response van already came late, and they further wasted the time by deciding under which police station’s jurisdiction the case fell. Is it the girl's mistake to have prevented them to do a lot more useful things in that 45 minutes ?
4. Is it the girl's mistake to have no one, including the police, to give them clothes or call an ambulance ?
5. Is it the girl's mistake to have had irresposible policemen near her who instead of taking them to a nearby hospital, took to Safdarjung hospital  which was far away ?

And still, it's the girl's mistake to have gone out at night, that too in Delhi, that too in a bus with tinted glass ? And only she has to be extra responsible while others mind their own business with no one to teach them some humanity and equality ? And everyone except her have clean hands on this ? No ! If there's anyone who didn't do any mistake on this incident, it's the girl. "What ?", yes, click the link and padinga. And stop implying some stupid dress code ideas for women in school, as if they are the reason for everything and men don't even look at them after they wear those and become good citizens.


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