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Article in 'The Hindu'


Q. When did you start Freelancing and how did happen?
A. I entered into the media field as a student journalist last year. From more than 3,000 applications, after clearing a series of tests and an interview, I became one among the 54 student journalists in Tamil Nadu in that year.

Q. Can you tell about your work pattern? Also can you mention in brief about how you manage time between your Freelance activities and academics?
A. Being an Engineering student, it was difficult to manage both my academics and reporting in the beginning. That too while studying in a college that’s miles away from the city, maintaining punctuality was the real challenge. But over time to time, I learnt to prioritize my works and manage time efficiently, for instance, bunking classes that were of we-can-study-them-later type. Mostly, I worked after college hours till 10:30 pm. My academic performance did deteriorate a bit, but that isn’t a huge price for what I did in the evening, is it? Because now I have a lot of thrilling adventures to tell my grand-children.

Q. Do you plan to make a career out of this or was it a part time option that attracted to you as a student?
A. My ambition is to become an honest and straight forward IAS officer. I felt that to become someone like that, I needed a proper social and political view on what’s really happening around us. I needed an out-of-the-classroom experience on observing the society closer. For that, media seemed to be an apt field. In case a social problem arises, I was able to mingle with general public and get their point of view, and question the authorities to get the government’s point of view. Then that I had two points of view, I could analyse them and arrive at a rational perception, rather emotional. In this manner, media field has been and is helping me out in shaping myself intellectually, day by day.


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