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Facebook Debate 2 - 17/05/14

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It's going to be a test for you...

The Citizens of India,
You've done a great job !
I hereby congratulate you for the worthwhile work that you've done for the past ten years.
For the ten years of utmost criticism and watchfulness.
For responsive over any issue that has raised.
You have been so powerful in throwing out Manmohan Singh.
You have been skeptical about even any gesture that he has made.
You have made rudimentary comments about everything that he has spoken, and not even spoken.
A very much congratulations.
And, I insist you upon being the same for the forthcoming years also.
Be bold.
Be ready with your views.
Be the watch-men.
But, but,...
If you are going to be dumb for anything being done then on, feeling that he will do anything for the best of India and start idolizing him.
If you are going to speak only what he only does good, and start ignoring his short-comings in course.
If you are going to be silent, feeling proud that You've made a great change with your vote; That you've chosen the greatest leader; That you've thrown away the corrupt and in place, given the responsibility to the wisest.
Then, You're failing miserably.
You're failing to be a part of the "powerful" democracy of the world.
You're utterly failing to achieve what you've aimed at.
The coming five years are going to be just a test for you.
Not for anyone else.
Get Ready
- Thamil Thedal


Balaji Rajendran: I don't know why you people still pointing or saying "YOU HAVE VOTED BE READY AND WATCH OUT". If you were good enough to vote and elect congress corrupt people once again in 2009 and everyone were shutting their mouth at that, evryone were supporting them, then why can't you support another person. Were you people again expecting India in the hands of those corrupt people and expecting to sell our country to US or leaving China to occupy our country, what you people were expecting. A CHANGE WAS NEEDED AND IT HAS HAPPENED. YOU JUST CAN'T DENY HOW VAJPAYEE HANDLED INDIA. WE EXPECT THE SAME IRON HANDS FROM MR.MODI TOO. If we want we can keep on criticising him but what is the use out there. If you are a citizen of india you need to respect a court's verdict. When the court has given him clean chit what else you expect from him. Do you need a time machine to travel and show he has not done anything. You people say he will only support Hindus. India is a country for all religions and Mr.Modi knows it better than us ,a seasoned politician and person who has the guts like Mr.Vajpayee. So you want other corrupt politicians who just use religion for vote bank. Even muslims have voted for him. So this time educated and people who know everything have voted. Thats why we got this result. Its time to join hands and support him. I'm not a BJP supporter but a common citizen of india who was waiting for a change that will take our country forward.

Me: Based on the various pro-Modi comments which I've encountered, I have categorized them chiefly into three.
1. The Face of Hindutva - The court's Verdict
2. The Face of development - Gujarat Model
3. The Face of an only alternative - NoRahul & NoKejrival

You have touched all three somewhat superficially in your comment. Let me answer those superfically and move on to the other points.

1. The court's verdict - If we have to accept everything that the Supreme Court says, then we have to accept the recent judgement that said gay sex is criminal. I'm not a government servant to accept it, but a common man to only respect it, and work more towards changing the judgement of the court by constitutional means and through gradual propagation of awareness among public. It's not about Mr.Modi's act, it's about the ideology which he believes. Modi is just a name, replace any name with his who has an inclination towards Hindutva, I'll hesitate to support him.

2. Gujarat model - Seriously dude, get the facts right. Mr.Modi has improved the infrastructure of Gujarat, which includes electricity, water, construction, etc. But if you say that only the infrastructure development is enough, I pity u. Read the India Public Policy Report 2014. It considered four criteria for development. They are rule of law, livelihood opportunity, social opportunity and physical infrastructure development. If you neglect the fourth one, Gujarat is a miserable failure. In simple term's Gujarat is an externally well polished state with lot of rusts inside. States like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are far ahead than Gujarat in the other three important criteria (Please don't think that I'm a supporter of Amma for PM like few bigots think whenever I bring up this argument). Read Raghuram Rajan's committee report (I'm aware that the Human Development Index which Mr.Raghuram Rajan considered for ranking is debatable)

3. NoRahul & NoKejrival – I have been opposing this one man worship for a long time. Whether it’s Modi or Rahul or Kejrival, I wonder how come you people believe that a country as vast and multicultural as India can develop because of the decisions made by a single person? Whenever I say #NoMo, people used to ask me, “If NoMo, then who? Who else is there?”, I find this as a problem and a challenge to the Quasi-Federal structure of India. India is not like few other countries in the world which change because of the decision made by one or two persons. My solution was simple. Elect the best deserving candidate of your constituency, don’t worry about who is going to be the PM. It’s been 65 years since Independence, India should have moved to that by now, India should have moved to the era of regional parties getting represented in the centre, but it didn’t, thanks to the dynasty politics started by Ms.Indira Gandhi.

Now, coming to your other points:

//Congress, 2009// - The CAG started choking the neck of UPA intensively only in it’s second regime. Though the exit polls predicted BJP government, people chose UPA. The surveys that were taken after the results inferred that people chose the least dangerous party in 2009, and didn’t vote based on scams or under development.

//Expecting to sell our country to US or leaving china to occupy our country// - Please, no superficial comments, especially from a man of rational thinking. Are you going to be one in a million youths who blurt out like this or one in a thousand youths who rationally place their points?

//WE EXPECT THE SAME IRON HANDS FROM MR.MODI TOO// I hear this frequently from a lot of people, especially youths. India will not sustain in the long run under ‘iron hands’, it’s dangerous. We gave power to the Ms.Indira Gandhi hoping the same way. Yes, she did contributed to the development of the nation but what’s the worst that we talk about? That’s what matters. We point out Vladimir Putin, we point out Xi Jinping, but why are we forgetting the reality that they are performing well ‘AS OF NOW’? I agree that the idea of having an authoritarian leader is fascinating. Yes, it’s like a Shankar film, but sorry, be practical, India cannot take it in the long run.

//So this time educated and ppl who know everything hav voted// - Well, here’s my humble opinion. The two main reasons for India ‘MODI’fied is, the second and third category. Media have blown the Modi balloon of ‘Namo wave’ so efficiently that it looked like a spherical fortress. Secondly, people have voted for BJP because of the anti-congress wave. Many of my friends who voted for BJP are the ones who asked me, “If not Modi, then who?”

//Im not a BJP supporter but a common citizen of india who was waiting for a change that will tak our country forward.// I’m not a congress supporter either and I too was waiting for a change. The congress deserve to be given a deadly blow for all it’s shortcomings. But we are forgetting the fact that in order to eliminate a devil, we are making a deal with another devil.

Thamil Thedal: What is this Mr. Balaji Rajendran, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiye பிரதமரானாலும், Be ready and Watch out தான். That is what democracy is all about. I wish Modi to do great things. I have never criticized Modi for what he is going to do. But, I will criticize him, on anything he do in the future, if that is what needed. We will join hands for the battle he is going to fight. He cannot run the country without people support. I never said people to stop supporting him. But I said, people should not support him for everything. He may know things better. But It doesn't mean, that he will do only good. If he does, We will support. But, If he doesn't, We will point it out rightly, as we have pointed out whenever MMS failed.  Read as I have mentioned, and don't presume things.

Balaji Rajendran: Yeah you are right. I wanted to say that people needed a change and voted for him and we can't simply repeat the same hindutva topic. yeah he can't run without our support but if he fails to do so no one can do anything about it as there is no opposition too. Only thing we can do now is wait for him to perform and hope he does well in our country's issues.

Me:  "If he fails to do so no one can do anything about it as there is no opposition too" - That's exactly the point! Happy that you got it.


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