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Our duties for building an "Equal India"

1. "They should be severely punished"
2. "They should be hanged to death"
3. "Thappu ponnunga melayum irukku, avanga apdi dress panradhaaladhan ipdi nadakkudhu"
4. "They should be beaten to death"
5. "Our Laws should be made more stringent, like there in Dubai"
6. "Avanga akka thangachi-ku ipdi nadandha summa irupaangalaa ?"
7. "Apdiyaa ? Eppo nadandhuchu da, News paakalada naan, ennaachu ?"
8. "Women should carry knives along with them"
9. "I'm ashamed to live in such a country !"
10. "Aambalainga na ? Enna venaalum seyyalaamaa ?"
11. "Does Delhi really deserve to be called as the capital of India ?"

These were some of the comments I got from my friends, and I respect all of them. I even saw a post suggesting rapex for women, as women harassment has become very common and is being done very casually here. Where is India really going ? The government, regardless of the party, says that its doing everything it can to bring up India. Okay, bring up in what terms ? Is building an economically strong nation is the mark ? Or HRD ? Or specifically women development ? So is providing education, opportunities and securities for women, alone become the solution ? Okay, the government is seeing that a girl is gang raped in the capital city. So its clear that the steps taken are not enough. What to do next ? Punish those men. Then ? Punish another group next month ? Again in next month ? Is that the real solution ?

Not at all. The government should at least wake up now. There's something wrong in the roots. Its a millennium year old disease that's inside most of the Indian men's subconscious mind. That's were the government should target. This is no ordinary problem that can be solved within a year or two. Raising a healthy generation alone can be the solution. We need strict laws, capital punishments, but they're not enough. And it's not only in the government's hand, but also in each and everyone of us. What can we do other than facebooking ? Well, here're our DUTIES ! Yes, duties for building an "Equal India" !

1. Say yes to sex education.
2. Don't 'hope' for a baby boy. A girl baby is no inferior and don't think that she's not of any use to the upliftment of your family's welfare.
3. Stop talking about the dress codes for women, please, you're not helping.
4. Don't sow any kind of male chauvinistic seed within your baby boy.
5. Don't make any movies which shows that bullying girls or going behind a girl is an attribute of heroism.
6. Stop your 'Boys vs Girls' comparison in terms of physical and mental strength.
7. Say no to dowry system.
8. Offer education equally to your sons and daughters, don't discriminate.
9. Be closer to your kids during their teen-age as a good friend, and guide them properly.
10. Channelize your son's mind towards a healthy competition, rather a cultural vengeance.

If we do these, we'll be proud to live in a country like India when we become grandads and grannies. Let us turn down our male chauvinism and improve our immune system to fight against this millennium old disease.
Jai Hind.


  1. Agree with you vishnu...

    "This is no ordinary problem that can be solved within a year or two. Raising a healthy generation alone can be the solution."

    let's raise our hands to built Equal India... jai hind..


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