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Why should we reject Hindutva?

From various discussions I have participated, I have identified few common, genuine points and questions from the opposition. They definitely kindle some thought process and they definitely need to be answered. They are,

1. Purpose of partition: If there can be a separate country for Muslims, then why not a separate country for Hindus?

2. But is India a Muslim country?

3. Hinduism is a religion of secularism. India has 81% Hindus and that’s the precise reason why we are secular.

4. In the name of secularism, the so-called secularists are defaming Hinduism.

5. Hinduism is getting hit in Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in the countries where the Muslims are minorities. We need a strong Hindu government to stand for our NRI brothers and sisters.

6. If the Muslims feel that they want to live under Sharia law, why are they in India?

7. If you look at some Muslim country which has only 50% Muslim followers, you can see that it believes Islam as the religion of the country.