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"What a ragging sir ji !" - Session 4

Again a friday, and this time, the seniors had ordered us do one more thing...

"Idha paarunga, hereafter daily you guys should get us two lays packets, ok ?"
"Daily ah ?", I thought this was too much for a senior to, actually, beg, according to me. "What the...Na daily-laam kashtam..."
"Enna kashtam ? Naanga senjom, so neengalum seyyanum. Take turns and buy for us, otherwise...", he paused for a moment."..........", and he didn't say anything further.
"Edhukku vambu", we thought. "Ok na, we will buy"

          In Bus 30, anything the seniors wanted to convey to the freshers, they would call me first, and this time too. As I was told this matter first, I decided to get lays for them that day. So I went to the canteen, got what they asked, and I bought a lemon soda for me.

          While walking towards the bus and simultaneously drinking that 10 rupee soda thinking that I'm doing something stylish…